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My Reading Lists: Digitised Course Readings

This guide gives you practical tips for creating and maintaining your online reading list, and explains the benefits of using this system

What is a Digitised Course Reading?

Digitised course readings (also known as digitisations or DCRs) are copyright cleared digitised versions of core reading list items licensed for specific groups of students. Core Items such as book chapters or journal articles are scanned and made available as high quality PDF files in MyReadingLists

Library Services ensure all requested materials have been copyright cleared for use on your module and distribution to your students. Unfortunately it is not always possible to obtain copyright clearance for requested material. If Library Services is unable to provide a digitisation for your requested book chapter/journal article, we will contact you.

Do I have to pay?

Most digitised items incur no costs, as long as they are covered under the Copyright Clearance Agency (CLA) Higher Education Copyright Licence for Photocopying, Scanning and Digital Use. You can use the CLA check permissions tool to check which items are covered by the licence. We are usually permitted to digitise 1 chapter/article or 10%, whichever is greater, of print books/journals that we own.

Any costs for the digitised course readings service are met by Library Services, except where a copyright clearance fee exceeds £250 for an individual item. In this instance the fee is payable by the department. This rarely happens, and course contacts will always be offered the choice of approving or declining the fee. You may prefer to substitute an alternative text.

How do I obtain a Digitised Course Reading?

Digitised course readings are requested via MyReadingLists as part of the MyReadingLists service. To request a digitised course reading from your MyReadingList: click “Edit List”. Then next to the items you would like us to digitise click “Request Digitisation” and enter the details (e.g. page numbers or chapter name). When we receive the request we will check copyright requirements, scan the book and link to the item from the Reading List.

There are further instructions about how to request a digitised course reading from your MyReadingList in our Keats eLearning modules.

Please note: If an electronic format (ebook) of the book you have requested is available for purchase, then we will purchase the ebook instead.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time for providing a digitised course reading is typically 4-6 weeks from the initial request, depending on the volume and complexity of digitisations wanted. Many items can be provided more quickly. The ability to digitise reading list items depends upon their availability and copyright status. You will be contacted when the digitised course reading is completed or if there are any issues with completing it.