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My Reading Lists: Getting Started

This guide gives you practical tips for creating and maintaining your online reading list, and explains the benefits of using this system

Requesting a new list


  • Sign into MyReadingLists using your usual KCL username and password, and follow the prompt to create your profile
  •  Request a list via the online form
  • The reading list team will create a blank reading list, based on the details you have provided and assign you as the List Owner
  • You will receive an email from usually within 48-hours (this can sometimes end up in the junk mail folder, so please remember to check there)
  • The email will contain a link inviting you to become the list owner. Clicking on the link will take you to the following page:

  • Once you have accepted the invite, click 'add to my lists' to save to your account. 
  • You are ready to create your reading list. 

If you need other staff to edit your list

Log in to MyReadingLists

Go to My Lists

Click on the list you need to invite additional authors to

Click Edit 

Select invite list owners and input their email address

Your colleague will receive an email inviting them to accept the role of List Publisher