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I've never had to find journal articles before, what do I do?

Find your pathway!

Whatever the topic you're studying, KLaSS is a great place to start. There are three pathways designed to support students new to performing research using academic sources:

  • Searching for Health Topics: Introduction
  • Searching for Arts & Sciences Topics
  • Searching for Arts & Sciences and Law Topics

I've taken the quizzes and earned the badges, what's next?

Explore our range of databases

The next page of this guide, How to find the right online database for your topic, will help you get to grips with the resources at your disposal as a member of King's College London.

Every subject will have an A-Z list of resources, but not every database will be perfect for your topic. Look at the more... link under each resource to see the list of topics that database covers.

Book a 30 minute online 1:1 with a Librarian

Our online 1-1 appointments are run using MS Teams. You do not need to have MS Teams installed on your computer or device to book and run an online appointment. Make sure to include your email address in the format to help us send the invitations accurately.

These sessions are designed to help you with database queries, literature searches, and/or general support with navigating our online resources during your time at King's College London or while working for one of our partnered NHS Trusts.

Please note: King's librarians cannot assist with proofreading enquiries.

For support with systematic reviews, King's students and staff can use our online forum on KEATS; see the 'Get Help Online with our Forum' box elsewhere on this page. 1-1 appointments are not intended for supporting systematic reviews, other than helping with basics like database search techniques.

Before seeking a 1-1 appointment with a librarian, we encourage all library users to head to our online support channels for their literature search and online resource enquiries. Answers can be found there first, and the 1-1 appointment service is not always available when you may need it. King's students and staff can find in-depth support via our KLaSS elearning module on KEATs;  the online forum (see above);  or the email or Live Chat options on our Contact Us webpages.

Enrol onto LIB262: Advanced Searching for Systematic Reviews, 6-week online course from Libraries & Collections

Are you a Taught (PGT) or Research (PGR) Postgraduate student in the Health Sciences starting a Systematic Review project? Not sure how or where to get started?

Libraries & Collections offer a six week online course to help students and researchers develop their searching skills to complete a Systematic Review. You'll work in small groups with other learners, with support from the Library's Learning Design team throughout. Places are limited to 80, so please see the booking link below!

The next iteration of this course starts on: Monday 20 February 2023

Bookings close on: Saturday 18 February 2023

KCL COVID-19 support

Open access journals, books and microsites for COVID-19 research

I need to critically appraise a journal article, where do I start?

Find your pathway!

The information ecosystem is complex, and can be difficult for a novice to navigate with confidence. Do you know the difference between a scholarly source and a popular source? Can you explain the different types of media available to us, how they're created and how they're used?

We have designed a pathway to support your developing these skills:

  • How to identify the best information and evidence

I need to write a Systematic Review, what do I do?

Find your pathway!

We designed the Searching for Health Topics: Advanced pathway to support students who are new, or would like a refresher on, the advanced searching techniques used in carrying out a Systematic Review.

I need more help, where can I go?

New to using KLaSS forums?

Make sure you're enrolled on KLaSS by using the link below: