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I've never had to find journal articles before, what do I do?

Find your pathway!

Whatever the topic you're studying, KLaSS is a great place to start. There four Finding Academic Material modules designed to support new students and novice researchers use academic sources effectively:

  • Arts & Sciences Topics
  • Law Topics
  • Introductory Health Topics
  • Advanced Health Topics

I've taken the quizzes and worked through the tutorials, what's next?

Explore our range of databases

The next page of this guide, How to find the right online database for your topic, will help you get to grips with the resources at your disposal as a member of King's College London.

Every subject will have an A-Z list of resources, but not every database will be perfect for your topic. Look at the more... link under each resource to see the list of topics that database covers.

Book a 30 minute online 1-1 with a librarian

If you want to develop your overall research skills we recommend exploring our KLaSS e-learning, our bookable workshops, or our support for Systematic Reviewers. If you need help with a specific task or skill, our 1-1s offer you a space to talk it through with a librarian. Book by clicking the button below.

I need to write a Systematic Review, what do I do?

Find your pathway!

We designed the Finding Academic Material for Advanced Health Topics module to support students who are new, or would like a refresher on, the advanced searching techniques used in carrying out a Systematic Review.

I need more help, where can I go?

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