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Festive Feedback: Naughty or Nice?

by Eve Jamieson on 2023-02-13T16:05:00+00:00 | 0 Comments

Festive Feedback

In December 2022, as in previous years, we invited library users to give us “Festive Feedback” which normally involves writing feedback on gift tags and hanging these on the Christmas trees in each library. Following 2021’s unexpected but wonderful use of our festive feedback tags for wishing trees, we decided to embrace this for 2022 and encourage our King's community to add their wishes to our Christmas trees using gift tags. We were happy to see trees filled with hundreds of gift tags, full of wishes for the next year, some about academic achievement, spending time with family, prioritising mental health and wellbeing, and pets!

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for feedback, we also asked our Library users if we have been ‘naughty or nice’, and why, and encouraged them to post their anonymous feedback into comment boxes by each tree. We received 56 ‘Naughty or nice’ comment slips and you’ll be pleased to know we had 29 votes for ‘Naughty’ and 40 for ‘Nice’, so we’re officially ‘Nice’. Of course, the ‘naughty’ comments are often the most useful as that helps us know where we need to improve. Franklin Wilkins was the most vocal library with 37 slips!

Staff are currently investigating these issues, including lots of liaising with Estates & Facilities who are responsible for maintaining library buildings (including setting the temperature, toilets, and facilities). We cover some of the main topics of feedback below, but of course there were lots more than we have space for in a blog post and we are investigating those behind the scenes. If you gave us feedback but do not see your feedback covered below, you can email Service Development Managers and ask for an update.

Temperature & Ventilation

‘Maughan is literally freezing.’

We had several ‘naughty’ comments about the heating at the Maughan Library. We are sorry about this; some of the wall heaters in the library are not currently working properly and our Estates colleagues are investigating the issue as a priority. While this is being addressed, you might like to try another area in the library if you are cold, as some are much warmer than others. Library & Collections staff have collated a list of the warmer areas, so please do ask if you need advice (you can spot Libraries & Collections staff in purple lanyards or t-shirts).

‘Can I have better ventilation? Easy to become sleepy in lib.’  (From Franklin Wilkins Library).

We are aware of this issue and liaise regularly with Estates & Facilities to adjust the temperature and ventilation in response to feedback we receive, however as the temperature is controlled centrally it is difficult to adjust the temperature in individual areas.

Did you know King’s students and staff can also contact the Estates & Facilities team (who are responsible for the heating and ventilation) directly? Use Estates & Facilities Service Desk to get the quickest response.

Toilets at the Maughan Library

‘A little more maintenance in the toilets would be nice.’

Improvements to the toilets at the Maughan are ongoing and Estates & Facilities are planning a refresh of the toilet facilities in 2023.  Please consider using facilities in the basement (floor -1) and upper floors to alleviate high usage of the ground floor toilets.


Microwaves and hot water at the Western Education Centre (WEC)

‘It would be nicer if there is any microwave and hot water filter in the WEC building.’

As only cold food can be consumed in the libraries, and to keep our spaces tidy and clean, we have no plans to offer microwaves and kettles within the library space at the WEC. 

However, the WEC 1st floor Students’ Lounge (also referred to as the Common Room) is available to all and contains 2 microwaves, a sink and a fridge. Faculty Student Experience Managers are in talks with King's Food to provide microwaves in the cafeteria.

Feel free to bring hot drinks (lidded) into the WEC library but please eat your hot meals in the Common Room or canteen – this is to reduce noise and smells for the benefit of all library users.

Plug sockets Franklin Wilkins

‘Why don't you have plugs (sockets) by the tables??’

Estates and Facilities and IT will be installing additional plug sockets as part of the improvement works planned for Franklin Wilkins Library in summer 2023.

Equipment in Study rooms

‘Study rooms don't provide the necessary equipment to operate the whiteboards (markers, erasers...)’

You should find whiteboard markers and erasers in each group study room which has a whiteboard, but sometimes they do go missing. In which case please use the self service Stationery Stations at the helpdesk or entrance to each Library to borrow some. We plan to add signage in each room to make this clearer.

Wipes in Library Buildings

‘Wet wipes are finished and they are not being refilled.’

We continue to provide antiseptic wipes in every library, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. These have been refilled and will continue to be refilled regularly so we hope this issue has now been resolved, but please do ask a member of Libraries & Collections staff if you spot one that is empty.

Noise and behaviour in the Library

‘Some guy's making noise when listening to something (poor-quality earphones).’

We received several comments about noise in the library. You can text our Noise Line on 07883303052, describing your location (library name and room) and staff will check the area for noise as soon as possible (Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 19.00 and 12.00 - 16.00 on Saturday and Sunday). We also have different zones in each library to suit your needs: silent, quiet or discuss. These should be marked on the floor plans or you can always ask a member of staff if you are not sure. Library staff may approach you if you are not using the spaces according to the zone guidelines and will direct you to other spaces if needed. Find information on our study spaces and Noise Line here.

Library Staff

We’re pleased to once again see some lovely comments about our library staff: ‘Library staff are courteous and polite’, ‘Amazing staff, very helpful and non-judgemental’, ‘The staff are so helpful and kind and so willing to help - thank you!’.

However we did receive two comments about staff being less helpful, including ‘One of your employees was quite rude and interrogative’, which we are very sorry to hear . In line with our Libraries & Collections policy, we aim to ensure that King’s Libraries can be used safely, lawfully, and equitably in line with the College’s commitment to the rights and responsibilities of the individual to equality, respect, and privacy. Our staff try to proactively identify and resolve issues when they are out and about in the library, for example when space monitoring or shelving. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and efficient customer service. If your experience with a member of Libraries & Collections staff fell outside our standards, please use our Feedback form to report this and we will investigate.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to give us feedback. If you missed this opportunity, you can always give us feedback, at any time of year, on our Feedback Form.

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