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Comic Strips as Educational Tools

Supporting content for poster presentation, by Holly Brown, Learning & Teaching Librarian, King's College London

Thanks for engaging with my research project! 

"To the modern student [...] visual experiences carry capital"

- Barbre et al. (2022:3)

In this LibGuide, you can click on the purple tabs (at the top, if you're reading this on your mobile, and to the left if on a PC!) and have a wander through the supporting research linked to my poster presentation 'Comic Strips As Educational Tools' . 

Read about the different 'lenses' through which you can view comic strips as a pedagogical tool (I have categorised broadly 3 techniques in my research, but of course there may well be more).

You can also see the mini-qualitative study I ran, to seek and analyse user opinion: I'd love to run this again one day but as a focus group study, to really explore more people's reactions to learning through comic strips.

Then there is a page where I invite you to share your thoughts on this subject, so please add your own conversation starters, and ask or answer any questions that pique your interest.

Finally, there is the references page: a beautiful list of beautifully clever people whose works I read and drew knowledge and inspiration from in the creation of this comics project. 

- Holly Brown

Learning & Teaching Librarian

King's College London.