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MyReadingLists: Annual Rollover

Information to be updated soon for the 23/24 Leganto reading list rollover

What is the Leganto reading list Rollover?  

The reading list rollover is an annual process, similar to the KEATS rollover, in which a reading list associated with the previous academic year (i.e. 2023/2024) is rolled over into the new academic year (i.e. 2024/2025).    

  1. The rollover will happen on 7th June 2024 (23/24 lists will not be archived at this point). 
  2. After the process, the new draft lists will have the new course codes for the upcoming academic year.
  3. Libraries & Collections sends out email communications both before the process starts and when it is complete
  4. Your original list does not disappear but will be archived in early September. If you still require the previous year's list to remain viewable, please contact Libraries & Collections so we can provide this for you.

What do I have to do?  

The rollover requires no action from the list owner/editors other than making sure any unpublished changes are updated prior to rollover; otherwise, that content will be lost. List owners are also asked not to make any changes to their list during the process, which will take around 48 hours to complete. 

What happens after?
After rollover is complete, we urge all academics to check the academic year dates to ensure they are editing the 24/25 draft list, as we will only be purchasing resources for the next academic year after the 10 July submission deadline. To make this easier, there is the option to lock the 23/24 list to prevent accidental edits:

Lock reading lists