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KLaSS Learning Offering: Ongoing skills activities

What's on offer

Are your students able to select and use a wide range of key sources appropriate to their discipline? Do they cite resources that aren't appropriate for academic work? 

If these are concerns, do use the below form to get in touch with the Learning & Skills team in Libraries & Collections. We're keen to work with you to assess your students needs and develop activities to help them succeed in these areas. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis so please complete this form as early as possible. We will normally need to be asked at least 4 weeks in advance and are unlikely to be able to offer something tailored at short notice.

Self-directed online learning, blended learning and the flipped classroom are our main delivery methods across the areas we support. You might like to look at our self-directed KLaSS module on KEATS or our Case Study Videos to learn more about what we can do. We have also been embedding materials and quizzes into programme modules on KEATS so that module leaders can monitor engagement and completion themselves.

Please note, our portfolio is currently under review due to changes in priorities and staffing. We hope to be able to provide an expanded offering soon. 

Let us know how we can help

A selection of digital learning resources are available in our KLaSS area of KEATS. These courses are available 24/7 and are interactive and self-paced.

To complement our digital learning resources we provide blended learning opportunities that support the development of the academic skills that students need to succeed in their studies.

We aim to partner with academics and departments to develop meaningful activities with measurable progress. After discussion, delivery method will be agreed upon. 

Any face-to-face workshops that might be offered will be limited to 20 students or fewer and held in the small student computer rooms inside the libraries. The size of the group is kept small to allow for learner discussion, reflection and practical activities.  

Why the focus on blended learning and online educational resources?

As educators we are passionate about our learners and helping them to achieve their goals as set out in the King's Education Strategy. Only by encouraging reflection and taking an evidence-based approach can we check that learning outcomes are met.

We believe a blended approach best supports this aim in our context and enables us to work with academics to co-create our offering. It makes the best use of the limited number of face-to-face contact hours we can provide and encourages learners to become independent over time. We are eager to promote flexible structures and modes of delivery.

We also seek to empower our learners to take responsibility for making their own choices about what, where and how they learn. By providing a suite of self-directed online educational resources we hope to enable the widest range of learners to access our support.

Research into this area indicates that these forms of delivery are equally effective for developing traditional library skills as a face-to-face offering:

Start of studies activities

We have a separate page covering Libraries & Collections start of studies activities:

Case study videos

If you're unsure how blended learning or the flipped classroom could be used with your students, these videos outline some of the activities we have developed and used:

Arts & Sciences - this video looks at how we have used blended learning in the Liberal Arts.

Health - this video looks at how we have use blended learning in Psychology.