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Art history resources

Books on Fine arts can be found in rooms 2.44 and 2.45 at the Maughan Library, with the classmark N.

The following links are to art-focused eresources and image libraries:

The Maughan Library

Print books, journals and DVDs for Languages, Literatures and Cultures can be found at the Maughan Library

Other libraries

If you need further resources, you may want to visit other libraries. Please check for access restrictions before visiting.

Collections Guide for Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Welcome to the Collections Guide for Languages, Literatures and Cultures

This guide provides tailored information on library collections and links to some of our key resources. 

Languages, Literatures and Cultures Resources

Find books for Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Print dictionaries / lexicons can be found in the Round Reading Room at the Maughan Library and also on the shelves with the relevant collection at the following classmarks:Round Reading Room Maughan Library Covid QR code

  • PC2640 - French
  • PC4640 - Spanish
  • PC5333 - Portuguese
  • PE1625 - English
  • PF3640 - German


Key classmarks for Comparative Literature:

  • PA5000-5660 - Byzantine and modern Greek literature
  • PJ7501-8517 - Arabic literature
  • PK2030-2142 - Hindi, Hindustani literatures
  • PK2151-2212 - Urdu literature
  • PL8009.5-8014 - African literature
  • PN45-57 - Theory
  • PN80-99 - Criticism
  • PN801-820 - Romance Literature
  • PN821-840 - Germanic Literature
  • PN851-884 - Comparative Literature
  • PN1010-1525 - Poetry
  • PN1600-3307 - Drama
  • PN3311-3503 - Prose
  • PQ4001-5999 - Italian literature
  • PR1-9680 - English literature
  • PS1-3626 - American literature

Key classmarks for the study of the French language and Francophone and associated cultures: 

  • DC1-947 - French history
  • DS531-560.72 - French Indochina history
  • DT411-411.9 - French Territory of the Afars and Issas. French Somaliland history
  • DT521-555.9 - French West Africa, French Sahara history
  • DT546.1-546.49 - French-speaking Equatorial Africa history
  • DT551-551.9 - French Sudan history
  • JN2301-3007 - French politics
  • PC2001-3761 - French language
  • PC3801-3976 - Catalan language
  • PH5001-5490 - Basque language
  • PQ1-3999 - French literature

Key classmarks for the study of the German language and German-speaking and associated cultures:

  • DD1-905 - German history
  • DT436-449 - German East Africa history
  • JN3201-4980 - German politics
  • PF3001-5999 - German language
  • PN821-840 - Germanic literature
  • PT1-4897 - German literature

Key classmarks for the study of the Spanish and Portuguese languages and Spanish-speaking, Lusophone, and associated cultures: 

  • DP1-402 - Spanish history
  • DT330 - Spanish Morocco history
  • DT619-620.9 - Spanish West Africa history
  • JN8101-8399 - Spanish politics
  • PC4001-4977 - Spanish language
  • PQ6001-6726 - Spanish literature
  • PQ6056 - Moorish-Spanish literature
  • PQ7081-8560 - Spanish American literature
  • PH5001-5490 - Basque language
  • PC3801-3976 - Catalan language
  • DP501-900.22 - Portuguese history
  • DS498-498.8 - Portuguese in India history
  • DT591-615.9 - Portuguese-speaking West Africa history
  • JN8423-8661 - Portuguese politics
  • PC5001-5498 - Portuguese language
  • PQ9000-9326 - Portuguese literature
  • PQ9900-9948 - Portuguese African literature
  • F1201-3799 - Latin American history
  • JL1200-2499 - Latin American politics
  • PQ9500-9796 - Brazilian literature

Watch films online in a range of languages

La haine



UK and international newspapers are useful sources for a number of subjects. Our collection provides a range of historical titles and current editions.  

Factiva and Nexis UK include international and non-Anglophone titles.

Senate House Library

Senate House Library is a large humanities research library in Bloomsbury. 

King’s staff and students are entitled to free membership which provides
borrowing rights to print books and remote access to most eresources.

See Membership for information on signing up. 

French resources

German resources

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American resources

Comparative literature resources

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American collections

Our collections on the history, literature, and culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America and of the Portuguese-speaking world are an area of collection strength and are considered to be of national and international importance. They include the library collections of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Canning House. Our holdings are especially strong in Portuguese history and literature, Brazilian history and the history and culture of Portuguese-speaking Africa. 

Find Arts & Humanities literature online

The following eresources cover a range of disciplines including your subject area: