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Digital Humanities Information

Welcome to the Collections Guide for Digital Humanities. 

Key classmarks for this area of study are:

  • QA76.9.A8 - Applications of computers in the humanities
  • QA76.9.A25 - Access control, computer security
  • QA76.9.A73 - Architecture, computer
  • QA76.9.A96 - Automatic theorem proving
  • QA76.9.C65 - Computer simulation
  • QA76.9.C66 - Computers and civilisation, social aspects
  • QA76.9.D3 - Database management
  • QA76.9.D35 - Data structures
  • QA76.9.D5 - Distributed and parallel processing
  • QA76.9.E94 - Evaluation of computer performance
  • QA76.9.E96 - Expert systems
  • QA76.9.H85 - Human computer interaction
  • QA76.9.I58 - Interactive computer systems
  • QA76.9.N38 - Natural language processing
  • QA76.9.P75 - Psychological aspects
  • QA76.9.S65 - Software engineering
  • QA76.9.S88 - System design

Once you know the call number (or classmark) you are looking for, you can use a floor plan to help you find the area of the library to visit. Most books that are relevant to Arts & Humanities are held in the Maughan Library.

Books are organised on the shelves using call numbers (or classmarks). We use the Library of Congress Classification Scheme which creates call numbers (or classmarks) using a series of letters and numbers - eg DD237 PEU.

  • The initial letters denote the general subject area (eg DD denotes the history of Germany)
  • The numbers denote a more specific subject area (eg DD237 denotes general works on the history of Germany post 1918)
  • The final combination of letters and numbers denote the author.

Journals for Digital Humanities

One of the best known collections of journal articles relevant to the Arts & Humanities is JSTOR, which focuses on older journal articles. There are many other collections which offer more recent articles of a similar academic standard.

You can use the Library Search to access an extensive selection of ejournals and print journals. Titles include:

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Computers and the Humanities
  • Literary and Linguistic Computing

Arts & Humanities print journals are held on the ground floor of the Maughan Library. These are reference only and cannot be taken out of the library.

Databases & Ebook Collections

Archives and Special Collections

The Foyle Special Collections Library holds over 180,000 rare printed and manuscript items, ranging in date from the 15th century to the present day. Its collections provide extensive scope for digital humanities research and the Library has an extensive track record of active involvement in the digitisation of heritage materials.

Digital Humanities picture

Here is an example of an item held in Special Collections on this subject:
The first book of Moses, called Genesis. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1655. Foyle Special Collections Library