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Reading Lists

We have been working with lecturers over the summer of 2020 to switch to eresources for your modules and make them accessible directly through your MyReadingLists:

New to Reading Lists?

Find out how to look up your module reading lists in the Getting Started With the Library - Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates section of this guide - look for the navigation button in the top left corner!

Online book collections - GA&SS

These online book collections won't be searched by Library Search but contain thousands of titles on a huge variety of subjects. Check each book collection's description for details of borrowing procedures and limitations.

Don't forget: You can browse the full range of providers with the A-Z link below:

Books and articles in King's libraries - GA&SS

Libraries & Collections provides a range of print books and journals to support your studies and research. All of our books and most journal articles can be located with Library Search:

Key classmarks for your subject - GA&SS

  • D to DX - History: General and Old World
  • E to F - History of the Americas
  • G - Geography
  • H to HX - Social Sciences
  • J to JV - Political Sciences

Books on your subject can be found at:

  • L - Education
  • LA - History of Education
  • LB - Theory & Practice of Education
  • P - Linguistics
  • PB-PM - Languages

Books on your subject can be found at:

  • G - Geography (General)
  • GA - Mathematical geography
  • GB - Physical geography
  • GC - Oceanography
  • GE - Environmental Sciences
  • GF - Human ecology
  • GN - Anthropology
  • GR - Folklore

Books on your subject can be found at:

  • H - Social Sciences   
  • HA - Statistics
  • HJ - Public Finance
  • HM - Sociology

Books on your subject can be found at:

  • PC 2001-3761 - French Language Dictionaries
  • PC 4001-4977 - Spanish Language Dictionaries
  • PC 5001-5498 - Portuguese Language Dictionaries
  • PF 3001-5999 - German Language Dictionaries

Books on your subject can be found at:

  • HV - State Crime
  • JA - Political theory
  • JN - Political Institutions
  • JX - International Law
  • JZ - International Relations
  • U - Military Science
  • UA - Armies
  • UB - Military Administration
  • V - Naval Science

Books on your subject can be found at:

Kortext e-textbooks

If a title in your reading list is supplied as a Kortext e-textbook (please ask your module leader for confirmation), the resources page linked below is designed to help you get the most from this versatile format.

The page features guidance on highlighting text, searching text, making notes, sharing notes, exporting references, together with information on how to use the mobile apps reader: