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King's Guide to Referencing: Getting Started with Referencing

This guide will help you identify and then use the appropriate referencing style for your subject or faculty.

Introduction to Referencing

Find self-diagnostic tools, assessments and interactive exercises designed to help you get to grips with Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism in KLaSS:

Useful books

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Which referencing style should you use? Choose your faculty below

Subjects in the same list all use the same style e.g. English and German PG Students will need to use MHRA.

  • Classics -------------------------------------------- Check your department’s guidance
  • Comparative Literature


French -------------------------------------------- Use MHRA

German PGs

Theology & Religious Studies


  • Culture, Media & Creative Industries ------- Use Harvard

            Digital Humanities

  • Film Studies

German UG

Music --------------------------------------------- Use Chicago


Hellenic Studies

  • Bioscience Education ----------------------------Check your departmental guidance if your department is not listed below.
    Bioscience department---------------------------Use Cell (Author-date style) or Biochemical Journal (Vancouver) (Numbered style)
    Common Year One (CYO) ----------------------Use Cell (Author-date style) or Biochemical Journal (Vancouver) (Numbered style)
    Pharmacology ------------------------------------- Use The British Journal of Pharmacology
  • Medicine -------------------------------------------- Use Harvard
  • Psychology ---------------------------- Use APA 6th
  • Psychiatry ----------------------------- Use Harvard

Subjects in the same list all use the same style e.g. War Studies and European & International Studies students can use Harvard or Chicago.

  • War Studies ---------------------------------------------------- Use Harvard or Chicago

            European & International Studies

  • Geography ----------------------------------------------------- Use Harvard

            Global Health and Social Medicine

  • Politics ---------------------------------------------------------- Use Political Economy
  • Public Health -------------------------------------------------- Use Harvard

            School of Education, Communications and Society

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