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Citing and Referencing: A book

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It has been argued that insufficient attention paid to staff training increases the risk of staff committing plagiarism (Beins, 2012).

Reference List:

Beins, B. (2012). APA style simplified: writing in psychology, education, nursing, and sociology. Wiley-Blackwell.

Citing and Referencing: A journal article

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Weiss and Dube come to a different conclusion in their study (Weiss & Dube, 2016).

Reference List:

Weiss, K. J., & Dube, A. R. (2016). Rational Psychiatric Care of Jail Inmates: It Happened in Monterey. Psychiatric Services67(1), 4-6. doi:10.1176/

Citing and Referencing: A chapter in an edited book

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Winter provides an illustration of the personal construct formulations of self‐harm (Winter, 2003).

Reference List:

Winter, D. (2003). Psychological Disorder as Imbalance. In F. Fransella (Ed.), Personal Construct Psychology (pp. 201). John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Citing and Referencing: A conference paper

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Whisenhunt et al. (2019) argue that it is important to consider context in order to make content meaningful.

Reference list:

Whisenhunt, B. L., Hudson, D. L. & Beers, M. (2019, January 3-6). Teaching traps, transitions, and connection: Providing context to make the content meaningful [Paper presentation]. National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg, FL, United States.


Citing and Referencing: A non-archived webpage

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... in the short and medium term at least (Pym, 2016).

Reference List:

Pym, H. (2016, February 5). NHS finances - the short, medium and the long term. BBC. Retrieved February 9, 2016, from

Citing and Referencing: A direct quote

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At some institutions there is a "culture of giving lectures" (Race, 1999, p. 55).

Citing and Referencing: A film

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...the subtle composition of the train carriage scenes (Hitchcock, 1941).

Reference List:


Hitchcock, A. (Producer/Director). (1941). Suspicion [Motion picture]. Turner.


Style Guide for the King's Author-Date style

Want to know more about the Author-Date, Footnotes, or Numbered style?

Need to know more about the Author-Date, Footnotes, or Numbered styles?

You can find videos to learn more about the styles in use and some quizzes you can take to make sure you know what you need to do, on KLaSS:

Style Guidelines

The guide above was updated in September 2022 to clarify:

  • the APA 7th referencing style
  • how to cite works with two authors
  • how to cite works with multiple authors
  • how to cite reports and consultation papers
  • how to cite regulations and guidelines
  • how to cite codes of practice
  • spacing for reference lists

Building your reference list in the King's Author-Date style

You need to provide a list of the sources you have used; In APA 7th Style this is called a Reference List. It is arranged in alphabetical order by the author's surname:


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