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Reading a medical journal article or paper can seem like a complex task, but breaking the process down into steps should enable you to build up the skills to do this well:

- Skimming the article in the first instance to look for the author's main points and conclusions

- Being familiar with the way that many journal articles are structured (abstract, method, results, discussion etc)

- Reflecting on and being critical of what you are reading. A checklist or toolkit such as the ones below, can guide you through this process in a structured way.

Regular sign-up sessions for staff at GSTT and KCH are available. These introductory sessions aim to increase your confidence in your critical appraisal skills. Narrated slide decks are available on both qualitative and quantitative methods and groups of staff can request a session building on the material in these.

On this page you will find links to resources providing guidance on critical appraisal, quantitative research and statistics and qualitative research. If you have any suggestions for other resources please contact

Critically Appraising the Evidence Base:e-learning

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Critical appraisal resources

New books are published regularly on critical appraisal - check Library Search to see what is available. 

Qualitative Research

Tools/evaluation checklists

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research