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A general guide to Library Services for NHS staff via King's College London


Welcome to the Libraries & Collections support pages for NHS staff.

Libraries & Collections can help you with:

  • finding materials (books, journals and more) relevant to your CPD, research and patient care
  • using our online resources
  • learning skills in handling evidence

If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

Key Library links

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End of booking requirements and other changes to your library services  

From September 6th onwards you no longer need to reserve a seat before visiting the library.  Social distancing arrangements have been removed and the majority of desks are available again.  The Reserve and Collect service has also ended so you can browse and borrow as usual.  

The safety of staff and library users remains our priority and this is reflected in some ongoing measures.  You are expected to wear a face covering and should respect the desires of those seeking to maintain social distance.  Some Group Study Rooms are open for booking but there may be different limits on capacity due to ventilation requirements.  Staff are present at Meet and Greet points to help with immediate questions or to direct you to other avenues to answer your question. Opening hours are similar to pre covid levels with 24/7 spaces restored at several libraries.

Staff at King's College Hospital can register on KnowledgeShare (using OpenAthens) to request evidence updates or for us to carry out a search in support of patient care.

Uplifting reads 

A small collection of uplifting reads chosen by NHS staff has been added to stock at the Weston Education Centre Library (but you can pick them up via your nearest library).  There is a growing collection of uplifting resources being collected and you can see the selected titles on this webpage.

ebook options via Kortext

Additional ebooks to support your any time access are available via Kortext.  Our largest collection remains  on Ebook Central Platform (OpenAthens required) and there are key titles via Oxford University Press (OpenAthens or login free from GSTT PCs).

The Kortext platform will have a growing number of titles purchased in collaboration with other NHS libraries.  A new platform is now ready at you will need your OpenAthens. Click the Collection tab to see the books.  

A collection of books in support of diversity and inclusion are included with titles such as Brit (ish), How to be an anti racist, Invisible women and more.

See more details of all the options on our ebook page.

New resources

Free BNF and BNFC apps 

Both the BNF and BNF for Children apps are available to download for free by anyone working for the NHS.  Students on an NHS funded course or on placement in the NHS are also eligible.  The apps are available for Android and iPhone devices.  NHS OpenAthens is no longer required. 

The BNF and BNFc can also be accessed online from NHS Evidence Search without login.

The NICE Guidance app remains available.

Access to e-Learning for Healthcare

All OpenAthens account holders now have access to a large set of elearning resources from Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH).

HEE e-LfH’s programmes cover subjects from audiology to anaesthesia, dentistry to dermatology, electronic fetal monitoring to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training. All content is nationally quality-assured and available 24/7. 

For more information about accessing e-LfH resources via OpenAthens visit:

Ebooks from Oxford

You can access the full collection of Oxford University Press ebooks in health via Oxford Medicine Online.  So every Oxford HandbookOxford TextbookEmergencies inOxford Desk References whenever you need it. And online offers additional possibilities so the Oxford Textbook of Medicine was updated in February and includes extra chapters, videos and so on. You can download high quality images for your power point slides.  Login free access is available via IP on GSTT and King's College London Library PCs, via the Kwiki ebooks page at KCH or via OpenAthens from anywhere.

To login via OpenAthens - go to select "Sign in" and then "Login with Athens/Access Management Federation".  At this point you need to identify yourself as being part of "NHS England" by either typing into the list or selecting the option when offered if you have accessed the site before.  You will then be prompted for your OpenAthens login.