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Who can we help?

This service aims to support NHS staff at KCH undertaking research who need support in designing and managing search strategies and collating results.  Depending on the circumstances, we may also be able to support individual researchers working on a paper. Please note that the type of service we can offer depends on staff availability.

Researcher support does not include training on how to search the healthcare literature; please see our training pages for workshops (including tailored options for your group) and options for a one to one session to extend your learning.

To discuss options, please contact Karen Poole with an outline of your project, an indicative timeline and what kind of support you are looking for.

Our partnered support offer

Clinical Library Services can offer a range of options depending on timescales and staff capacity:

  • Consultancy service:  The Clinical Support Librarian will look over the search strategies you have created including any initial results and advise where changes may be needed.  The librarian will also be able to check over the methodology sections of your written review and provide feedback. This offering is available for anyone undertaking research individually or as a group

  • Semi-partnered service:  The Clinical Support Librarian will meet with you to discuss your research project and what steps you will need to take.  The librarian will design your search strategy based on your requirements and pass this over to you for you to perform and will be on hand to discuss any questions you have.  The librarian can also provide advice on registering the protocol, structuring the written review and recording searches. This offering can be made available to groups undertaking research depending on librarian capacity

  • A full partnered service:  The Clinical Support Librarian will join the research group as co-author.  They will design and perform all search strategies across a wide range of databases and clinical resources, and provide the results in an agreed format.  Additionally, they will de-duplicate datasets and track the numbers of results for inclusion in PRISMA flow charts, as well as writing the relevant sections of the methodology to reflect the searches undertaken. This offering is for groups undertaking funded research and is dependent on staff capacity