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A general guide to Library Services for NHS staff via King's College London

Journal Access

Access to journals is primarily via OpenAthens.  Additional titles can be requested from the university collection if not available remotely.

See below for more details.

To request articles not available via OpenAthens and that would normally require access to a King's PC please use the request form.  You can request up to 5 articles in a single submission.

Accessing e-journals

NHS staff can access a huge range of e-journal titles via NHS OpenAthens any time and from any computer.  If a title is not available via OpenAthens you can request PDFs  from other e-journals subscribed to by King's College London or come and access them on a university network computer in the Library.


Accessing e-journals off-campus usually requires you to log in (via NHS OpenAthens) to access full text. 

There can be some variation in how publishers and information providers refer to the logging on process. Generally the first login box you will meet will not be the OpenAthens one. Some example links to look for include:

  • Institutional Login
  • Log in via your institution
  • Log in with Athens
  • OpenAthens
  • Log in via UK Access Management Federation / UK Federation

Normally you will be prompted for your Trust name but increasingly you will need to select NHS in England.

See the OpenAthens tab for details of how to register.

In some cases you may find an Open Access version of an article you are looking for on the web.  A range of options for discovering Open content have been prepared by our Research Support team

Searching by subject

If you are searching for a topic or subject rather than a specific article you might like to search the literature using the NHS tailored system. There are databases that cover all of the professions working in the NHS.

Databases available include Medline, Embase, CINAHL, the British Nursing Index and HMIC (for health management topics).

See the databases tab for more information

Links in Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a handy tool to check references and find related articles.  It can also frequently be a source of the full versions of journal articles.

To help you find articles you have access to we have added our journal listings to Google Scholar.

You need to be logged in with your Google account. Click on the Menu button and select Settings.  You can then access the Library Links menu.  Search for your Trust name (or the university if you want to include those links too).