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How Can I Print?

Printing, copying and scanning is available using multifunction devices (MFDs)  across King’s College London libraries and computer rooms.

All Libraries offer both black and white (b/w) and colour printing facilities. 

The KCL IT Print Scan Copy page has details of charges (access on campus only). If in doubt please contact us.

The devices are enabled for Follow me Printing. 

  • Follow Me Printing is the default printing option from libary computers
  • The roaming Follow Me Printing service allows you to collect your printouts from any Follow Me Printing enabled multifunction device (MFD).
  • When you print to the “Follow_Me_Printing” queue your print job is held in a queue until you release it


Online payment

To add value to your print credit allocation online using your credit or debit card, please go to: 

Please note that online payments are subject to a minimum of £2.00. There may be a delay of 10 minutes after adding value to a print credit before it can be used


Email to Print

To email your document to the "Follow_Me_Printing" queue attach it to an email and send to .

Print jobs submitted via Email to Print will be printed in black and white and double-sided.

Printing is charged to your virtual printing account, linked to your King’s College London computing account.

Before attempting to print, first check your print credit against current printing prices to ensure you have enough credit to print. You can see this on the King’s College London computing desktop or at (login using your King’s College London computing account). 


How To Print

  1. Open the document you wish to print from a library computer.
  2. Select Print from the File menu.
  3. In the list of printers you will see the “Follow_Me_Printing” queue.
  4. Select the “Follow_Me_Printing” queue.
  5. Follow Me Printing defaults are black and white and double-sided. If you do not need to change the defaults select Print to send your print job to the “Follow_Me_Printing” queue.
  6. To print in colour and single-sided select Printer Properties.
  7. In the Graphics tab, change the Color Mode option to Color.
  8. In the Basic tab, change the Double-Sided Printing option to None.
  9. Select OK and then Print to send your print job to the “Follow_Me_Printing” queue.

How to release your print job at a Multi Function Device (MFD)

  1. First register your King’s ID card if you have not already done so.
  2. If necessary, wake up the MFD by pressing the Power Saver button.
  3. Touch your King's ID card on the card reader.
  4. You will see a list of your held print jobs.
  5. To release a held print job highlight the job and select Print Job.
  6. To delete a print job highlight the print job and select Cancel Job.
  7. Log out - Touch your King's ID card on the card reader to log out. Please ensure you log out to prevent misuse of your account.
  8. You will be automatically logged out after 60 seconds of inactivity.