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NHS: Coronavirus resources

A general guide to Library Services for NHS staff via King's College London

Coronavirus resources for NHS staff

Many publishers are making relevant Coronavirus resources freely available to NHS staff.  We are collating links on this page and will continue to update these as more come in.

In addition, we are collating useful links to resources on Intensive Care Medicine, ventilation and the care of patients with acute respiratory distress.

Coronavirus resource links

This is a list of links to synthesized evidence and resources on Coronavirus and on epidemics more broadly.  All the information below is freely available for NHS clinicians and staff.

EPPI-Centre:  Social Science Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education A living map of the evidence of studies on COVID-19 identified in MEDLINE and EMBASE, that groups the evidence into broad themes 

Liang, T., Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment, First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (open access) - (from the editor's note) Faced with an unknown virus, sharing and collaboration are the best remedy...due to the limited time in which this handbook was produced, there may be some errors.  Your feedback and advice are highly welcomed.


Intensive Care resources